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Live from the Engadget Stage: The Best of CES 2014 Awards

Brian Heater

The big moment is here. We've been doing exciting interviews all week on our CES stage in the Central Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, but this is really what we've all been waiting for all along. We're extremely excited to host the Best of CES awards for the first time ever and have been working hard all week to help chose the best products from 13 categories, from Best Startup to Best Audio Product (and hopefully you've been doing your part as well). We can't wait to let you know who won one of those beautiful 3D-printed trophies. We'll see you on our stage (and in our stream, if you want to follow along at home) at 8PM ET to tell you all about the Best of CES.

January 9, 2014 8:00:00 PM EST

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