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These Cogito analog smartwatches take a minimalistic approach to viewing notifications

Brad Molen

Searching for a nice-looking smartwatch, but not interested in having the kitchen sink? ConnecteDevice's new set of analog timepieces are about as minimalistic as you can get without removing the "smart" element entirely. Cogito consists of two models, and although there really isn't much difference between the two, the more expensive one is the more elegant option. The watches promise to be extensions of the phone, rather than replacements, and each features a series of LED icons that light up when you have a notification waiting for you on your handset. The company believes this is the ideal use for a smartwatch, since many people don't care to interact with the notifications that start buzzing on their wrists.

The higher-end Cogito differs from its counterpart by offering Caller ID and giving you the option to mute incoming calls, as well as the ability to tap the watch to light it up so you can see your alerts. ConnecteDevice reps boasted that both watches will easily last up to a year before you need to replace the battery, a remarkable length of time that's likely the result of Bluetooth 4.0+LE support. The watches are compatible with iOS 7 and Android 4.3+, and watch (pun not intended, but welcome) for the Cogito Pop to come out near the end of next month for $129, and the Cogito original in mid-March for $179.

Update: We have updated our post to reflect that ConnecteDevice is the name of the company, whereas Cookoo is a different lineup.

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