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UK travellers set to get 3G and LTE services inside the Channel Tunnel

Matt Brian, @m4tt

For more than a year, the Channel Tunnel (a 32-mile mile underwater tunnel connecting England and France) was regarded as French territory, as far as the mobile industry was concerned. Three major French carriers had signed deals with EuroTunnel to offer access on its networks, leaving British travellers without access. That's set to change, however, after UK providers EE and Vodafone announced they will supply 2G and 3G access to customers journeying to France from March. Both companies say 4G services are coming, but will arrive a little later down the line. While neither company has detailed the data speeds you can expect to receive as you pass under the world's busiest seaway, EE suggests you'll still be able to prepare for meetings, check your emails and watch streamed movies when its LTE service goes live in the summer.

[Image Credit: cunaldo, Flickr]

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