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Former Call of Duty strategist Robert Bowling foils late-night Robotoki robbery


Former Call of Duty series Creative Strategist Robert Bowling played a heroic role in an attempted robbery last night at the Robotoki offices, scaring off a pair of burglars during a late-night shift.

An on-site security video captures the dramatic encounter in its entirety. In a matter of seconds, the office's front doors were smashed in, and the burglars entered. Upon seeing Bowling leap toward them, the robbers then beat a hasty retreat. "Unfortunately for them, I work late," Bowling quipped.

The robbery marks the second time police have visited the Robotoki offices in the last year, as LAPD officers stormed the building in 2013 after a designer accidentally tripped its silent alarm system. Bowling, again the sole employee remaining in the building at the time, was taken into temporary custody while officers engaged in a brief standoff with a window-facing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 statue.

While Bowling can apparently get away with these kind of superheroics unscathed, foiling robberies on your own is inadvisable, even if you've played thousands of hours of Call of Duty and have devised a series of burglar-snaring traps, à la Home Alone. Sometimes, though, the element of surprise is enough to save the day.

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