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Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC allegedly dated for January 28

Call of Duty: Ghosts first dose of DLC, Onslaught, will be available to Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners on January 28, according to a photo Twitter user SeriousSix2010 claims to have taken at their local GameStop. The display notes that Onslaught will reach Xbox users first, which would align with Activision's E3 announcement regarding timed-exclusive DLC for the platforms.

The poster suggests that Onslaught will consist of new maps known as "Fog," "Bayview," "Containment" and "Ignition," as well as a "Maverick AR & Sniper Rifle" and the first episode of a four-part, episodic offering in the game's Extinciton mode. The poster does not display a price, but considering Ghosts' season pass is $49.99 and the prices of packs for recent Call of Duty games, $15 wouldn't be surprising.

We reached out to local GameStops and were told there is currently nothing in the system concerning Onslaught's release date.

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