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Caption contest: Mr. Marinator fuses meat, marinade, motion... and madness


Bombing on a home shopping network near you.

Jamie: "You spin meat right round, baby right round."

Alexis: Marinator 3: Rise of the Meat

Brian: "I didn't suffer through eight years of medical school to be called 'Mr. Marinator.'"

Timothy: "Mr. Marinator: For those times when letting your meat soak in a dish is too much work."

Dave: "Now little Billy, this is what happened to the last kid who didn't clean his room."

Nicole: "It's MISTER Marinator to you, buddy."

John: "Bathe me in oil, rub me with salt and let me twirl it for you."

Richard Lai: "Mr. Marinator, you may kiss Hamburger Helper."

Jon: "A few rounds with Mr. Marinator will teach that steak who's boss."

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