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Apple posts new 'What will your verse be?' page on its website; highlights compelling iPad use cases


In conjunction with its new and powerful iPad commercial dubbed "Your Verse Anthem," Apple also put up a new section on its website titled, "What will your verse be?"

As you might have guessed, the new section highlights inspiring and interesting stories of people using the iPad in compelling and unusual ways. Some of these iPad-assisted endeavors include coral reef preservation research, mountain climbing (for route planning and trip sharing), choreography, music performance, filmmaking, educational initiatives and more.

Naturally, the new section provides some context for many of the shots depicted in Apple's new iPad ad. For instance, you might recall that the new commercial features shots of hockey players practicing.

To this end, Apple's new page reads in part:

The LA Kings coaches use iPad to train players and enhance their game. With the ThunderCloud iBench app, coaches can capture video, zoom in and out of the footage and instantly evaluate players -- from small moves to big‑picture strategies.

Curious about how the iPad plays a role in the Indian choreography you may have noticed in the new iPad video? Well, wonder no more.

Feroz Khan, one of Bollywood's top choreographers, uses iPad in many aspects of his production -- from scouting locations to mixing music to framing each shot and refining every dance move. With iPad, Khan can quickly and easily share his vision with the director, dancers and production team.

If this iPad motif sounds at all familiar, it's because it's essentially part two of Apple's ongoing effort to depict the iPad as an integral tool in a varying number of fields. Recall that Apple about seven weeks ago put up a "Life on iPad" page on its website where we saw Apple's tablet take center stage in activities as far ranging as speedskating, surgery and wind turbine repair.

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