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Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham is on Kickstarter, aims to 'stir a hunger for God's word'

S. Prell, @SamPrell

A Bible-based, third-person RPG has begun to make its way across the sands of Kickstarter; Bible Chronicles: The Call of Abraham from Phoenix Interactive Studios will place players into the shoes sandals of an Elamite outcast who joins Abraham's caravan on his journey from Haran. The creators plan to deliver the game "around Thanksgiving 2014" to PC and Mac platforms, but will also release "Xbox" and "PlayStation" versions if funding hits $250,000.

Martin Bertram, co-founder of the studio, is quoted in a press release as saying, "We keep a tight leash on what games our kids can play because a lot of what's out there conflicts with our Christian worldview." Bertram said he wanted to create a game that would "stir a hunger for God's word."

Richard Gaeta, Phoenix Interactive's other co-founder, said "we are all aware of the morally questionable messaging most [video games] promote. By financially backing this project, we can change the video game industry together and provide a game that satisfies your desire for entertainment and has a strong spiritual message."

The development team has also formed an advisory committee of pastors and ministry leaders to "maintain authenticity" and ensure historical accuracy.

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A Christian Video Game That FINALLY Gets It Right
Kickstarter Campaign Launches Jan. 7 for "Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham"

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Dec. 31, 2013 - Everyone knows that Christian video games have completely dropped the ball in the past. They were either biblically correct and boring, or they were graphically sharp but biblically irrelevant and full of gratuitous violence.

"Bible Chronicles: Call of Abraham" is the first of its kind: the top-notch graphics are visually-stimulating and the action-packed storylines will keep players engaged. The Book of Genesis is full of familiar stories, but they've never been told from this perspective. Wouldn't you love to see – with gorgeous detail – Abraham stopped from sacrificing Isaac... or Lot's wife turn into a pillar of salt?

"I have four kids and Richard has two kids, and we had this idea of creating Christian video games that stir a hunger for God's Word," said co-founder Martin Bertram, who has a decade of game design experience. "We keep a tight leash on what games our kids can play because a lot of what's out there conflicts with our Christian worldview."

We hold the Bible completely sacred, and we've gone to great lengths to maintain authenticity. For this reason, we formed an advisory team of four well-respected pastors and ministry leaders to make sure all of our storylines and characters are historically accurate. Although we consider ourselves devoted Christians, it's amazing how many details this team has caught and adjusted to make sure we stay accurate to the biblical record.

Phoenix Interactive Studios is based in Bakersfield, CA. Martin Bertram, one of the two co-founders, worked in video game design for a decade, coding multi-user games, then moved into an entrepreneurial venture, starting an information technology firm with Richard Gaeta. Richard, the other co-founder, is both a proven and seasoned business development and management professional. We are also blessed with a great group of 3D modelers, artists, and hard core game enthusiasts working for us. Together, the Phoenix Interactive Studios team is blazing the trail to a deeper digital experience of biblical proportions.

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