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Blackguards Early Access now available to Mac users


Whether you prefer Windows or OS X, you can now enter the high-fantasy world of Blackguards via Steam's Early Access service.

There are three purchasing options available for those too impatient to wait for a full-fledged retail release of the turn-based roleplaying game. $25 grants you access to the Blackguards beta. For $35, you'll receive beta access, a 150-page art book, the game's soundtrack, a digital world map, video interviews with the developers at Daedalic Entertainment and six wallpapers for your computer. Spend $50 and earn everything in that last package, plus free access to the game's first DLC release, a gratis copy of The Dark Eye – Chains of Satinav, and your name will be added to the Blackguards' credit roll.

In addition to bringing Blackguards to the Mac, Daedalic Entertainment has also released a new trailer for the game, which can be seen above.

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