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PSA: Nidhogg carves out a space on Steam today


Messhof's two-player fencing game Nidhogg is now available for PC on Steam at $12, or in a two-pack for $21.59. On January 20, Nidhogg will revert to its full price of $15.

Nidhogg is an Indiecade Game Design winner and IGF finalist from Mark Essen categorized as being very fast-paced – players can duel, throw their swords, fist fight, run, jump and slide around the 2D pixelated environments. It's currently unknown whether you can switch fencing hands mid-fight.

You can play in local multiplayer or fence online with others in Nidhogg. The game also features a single-player arcade mode, supports local tournament play and is fully compatible with controllers and Big Picture.

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