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SimCity to receive 'impossible' offline update, gamers roll their eyes


Remember back in March of last year when SimCity launched and, because of its online play requirement, did a faceplant? And do you also remember when the game finally found its way to OS X in August and the exact same thing happened? Of course you do, because they were both huge stories. At the time, EA/Maxis apologized profusely and while gamers blamed the online play model, the company said that adding an offline mode to SimCity was "not possible."

Well those developers must have been pretty busy for the past five months, because today EA revealed that SimCity would be getting an offline option in an upcoming update. Wow. In less than half a year, the company has made the impossible a reality.

It's quite obvious that the online requirement was a stand-in for DRM (essentially, just a way to ensure pirated copies of the game weren't playable), but it seems EA has finally decided it might be better to just let SimCity fans play a not-broken, standalone version of the game. Hooray!

The reaction to the announcement is predictably hilarious, since approximately 0 percent of gamers believed that an offline SimCity was "impossible" to begin with. EA hasn't explained how it managed to make it happen -- likely because it was never a real obstacle at all -- but if you're somehow still interested in the game after all these shady antics, your offline dreams will be fulfilled as soon as Update 10 lands.

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