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Fox to bring Magic: The Gathering to the silver screen


Magic: The Gathering is hoping to cast a spell on cinema-goers, after 20th Century Fox acquired screen rights to the Hasbro-owned card game. If your eyebrows aren't sufficiently raised, get this: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film studio wants the 20-year-old series to become a mega-franchise like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Alrighty, then.

Magic: The Gathering has been something of a gaming fixture in recent years, particularly through Stainless' Duels of the Planewalkers series. The Wizards of the Coasts card game has seen numerous adaptations into books, comics, and video games over the years, but if Fox makes good on those lofty ambitions, it'll be curious to see how it affects future video games; if there's one thing gaming is really lacking in, it's fantasy-based mega-franchises.

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