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Matsuno tactics RPG Unsung Story seeks more platforms via Kickstarter


Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy 12 designer Yasumi Matsuno's new tactics RPG could come to PC and Mac if a newly launched Kickstarter proves successful. Developer Playdek says it will release Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians on iOS and Android regardless of the crowdfunding campaign, but the studio hopes now to raise $600,000 to turn the page onto Windows PC, Mac, and Windows tablets, then 3DS and Vita via stretch goals. The game's spread across platforms might not end there, as Playdek CEO Joel Goodman told Joystiq.

According to Playdek's press release, the San Diego studio will also use the $600,000 to "deepen the content and add to its creative 'dream' team." With "Kickstarter funds and stretch goals," Playdek wants to bring in FF Tactics and FF12 composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, as well as translators Alexander Smith and Joseph Reeder of Kajiya Productions, who've worked on the Final Fantasy and Phoenix Wright series and Matsuno's Vagrant Story.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is due on iOS and Android next year, and it features a "completely envisioned Matsuno world" according to Goodman. The game is centered around the "77 Years War," a multi-layered conflict that draws inspiration from the wars of 16th and 17th century Europe, and the fractured rule of Saxon Britain.

The game's name derives from Matsuno wanting to focus on the more ordinary heroes of war who come to the fore in the gameplay. As for that aspect, Matsuno has said we can expect Unsung Story to play somewhat similarly to FF Tactics, which he directed.

When we spoke with Goodman last week, he noted Playdek was looking towards bringing Unsung Story to "open" platforms because of its cross-platform features.

"As far as open and closed communities, we can pretty much connect everybody at will save for one and a half other platforms out there," Goodman elaborated, noting Sony as one of the platform holders Playdek is definitely prepared to bring Unsung Story to, beyond the Vita stretch goal.

"One in particular, of course, is closed to anybody and everybody, the unspoken Xbox One. Would we go there? Well, that would be a point of possibility, of course we might. It might end up being a closed community, but if it makes enough sense, then that would be something we would clearly look into. Everybody else, we can connect."

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Playdek and Legendary Game Designer Yasumi Matsuno Announce Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Unsung Story to Multiple Platforms
Playdek and Matsuno turn to crowdsourcing to bring new RPG tactics game to PC and Mac
Carlsbad, Calif., Jan. 14, 2014 – Playdek, known for its award-winning mobile games, announced today a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to bring its new RPG tactics game Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians to PC and Mac. Playdek originally joined forces with master designer Yasumi Matsuno to develop a series of mobile games based on Matsuno's creative vision. The overwhelming fan response to its partnership with the legendary designer encouraged Playdek to turn to Kickstarter to help it raise $600,000 to develop the game across multiple platforms, deepen the content and add to its creative "dream" team.
Famous for designing the classic games Final Fantasy® Tactics, Vagrant Story® and Final Fantasy® XII, Matsuno is known for creating vibrant and immersive worlds and intense, tactical game play. He will design the original story, characters and game world of Unsung Story on all platforms.
"The tremendous outpouring of fan support for our partnership with Yasumi Matsuno and the new creative property Unsung Story prompted us to turn to the Kickstarter community to bring the game to as many gamers as we can with a cross-platform launch plan," said Joel Goodman, CEO, Playdek. "The Playdek team has a long-history of video game development with AAA titles launching on every major platform, so we're well positioned to take on this challenge. We're hoping to enlist our huge fan support and let our audience be a part of something really special."
With the Kickstarter funds and stretch goals, Playdek also hopes to add well-known composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and translators Alexander Smith and Joseph Reeder to its creative dream team. Additional stretch goals include developing the game for PS Vita and Nintendo DS.
"I'm very excited to be creating Unsung Story with Playdek," said Yasumi Matsuno. "Tactical RPGs are a genre close to my heart, and I look forward to bringing this new experience to gamers everywhere."
The next step in the evolution of the RPG tactics game Unsung Story presents the epic sweep of history from the eyes of those who make history but are never recognized for it. It represents a fundamental twist on the hero's story by featuring ordinary individuals who bring about great changes by the small choices they make in life.
Unsung Story introduces players to the fantasy world of Rasfalia where knights, wizards, archers and creatures roam a lush landscape that holds the secret stories of more than half a century of bloody war. Players discover and relive the hidden tales of heroic deeds and uncover the sources of legends.
To see images and more information about Playdek's Kickstarter campaign for Unsung Story, please visit Kickstarter.
About Yasumi Matsuno
Yasumi Matsumo is one of few video game designers to have two games receive a perfect score by Famitsu magazine: Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII were critically acclaimed with 40 out of 40 points.
About Playdek, Inc.:
Playdek is a premier developer, publisher and platform for the world's best tabletop gaming. Winner of Boardgamegeek's Golden Geek award for Best Mobile/Handheld game (2011, 2012) and Pocket Tactics "Publisher of the Year" (2012), Playdek brings the best of hobby gaming to digital.| facebook/playdek | twitter/playdek
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