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The 5 most gorgeous Apple Stores in the world


For many Apple faithful, going to an Apple Store is a bit of a ritual. Apple feeds this idea by making its retail outlets some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the planet. But while many of Apple's stores are whitewashed blocks of mall real estate, there are some downright breathtaking Apple Stores out there. Here are the five most drool-worthy examples so far.

1. Fifth Avenue, New York

The entrance to one of New York's most popular Apple Stores is encased within massive glass walls. Walk in and down into the store itself and you're treated to a huge, open layout with Apple devices as far as the eye can see.

2. Opéra, France

When Apple took over this gorgeous location it left the architecture almost completely intact, preserving the look and feel of the building while giving it the Apple vibe customers crave. "Elegant" doesn't even begin to describe it.

3. IFC Mall, Hong Kong

The most striking thing about this Apple Store is its open design that puts customers face-to-face with the traffic below. Calmly browsing for a new iPad while rush hour traffic rumbles away below your feet is a pretty awesome way to shop.

4. Pudong, Shanghai

Like a portal to another world, a glass cylinder protrudes from its surroundings and brings you down into an Apple lair. Awesome.

5. Grand Central, New York

I really didn't want to include two Apple Stores from the same city in this list, but there's just no denying the majesty of the Grand Central Apple Store. It's hard to believe that an electronics store could look like it "belongs" among the stone construction of the terminal, but Apple pulled it off with flying colors.

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