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Flatout dev's Next Car Game comes to Steam Early Access


Next Car Game is the next game to pop up on Steam Early Access, meaning one and all can pay $25 to test drive Bugbear's breakneck racer - and eventually get the final version, of course. According to Flatout studio, the currently available build is pre-alpha, and features two cars and three tracks to go vroom around.

Next Car Game has been in Early Access since Christmas, albeit through Bugbear itself. In fact, the studio released a playable build as early as November, just after canceling its Kickstarter, making it available to anyone who put down the money to pre-order the game. Interestingly, Bugbear canceled the Kickstarter campaign after raising around $82,000 of a $350,000 goal, but according to its site the studio has now raised over $500,000 through pre-orders.

Next Car Game is set to ride onto PC in "early spring 2014."

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