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Indie Royale collects PixelJunk Shooter, Stronghold HD in Vapor Trail bundle


The latest Indie Royale bundle is out now, spotlighting the recently released PC version of Q Games' PixelJunk Shooter alongside a collection of Steam-redeemable indie highlights.

Indie Royale's Vapor Trail bundle includes PixelJunk Shooter, Size Five Games' deathmatch platformer Gun Monkeys, Reptile's beat-'em-up Megabyte Punch, Libredia's lowrider racing game Ride 'Em Low, Firefly Studios' medieval warfare sim Stronghold HD, and Glassmoon's logic puzzler Hexcells.

All games include keys redeemable at Steam and Desura except for Hexcells, which awaits approval at Steam Greenlight. The bundle is available for a buyer-chosen, beat-the-average price (currently just under $5), and a bonus game will be added to the collection during the campaign's final days.

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