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Yes, EQII does have PvP and yes, SOE is working on it

Jef Reahard

Did you know that EverQuest II has PvP? It does! SOE is even working on improvements for it as we speak! This startling revelation comes to us from the EQII forums -- via EQ2Wire -- where someone posted a private email correspondence between franchise director Dave Georgeson and a player named Pawder.

Georgeson starts off by laying a little bit of his PvP cred on the table. He helped develop the original PlanetSide, see, as well as Tribes 2 and some of the MechWarrior games. He goes on to say that EQII PvP procs are being removed, and he also says that the game's PvP battleground matchmaker will see improvements "later this year." Finally, Georgeson mentions that the Nagafen PvP server has suffered a population drain since the advent of battlegrounds -- basically, players want their PvP immediately rather than having to hunt through zones to find it.

"The fact of the matter is EQII still has a very strong PvP userbase," Georgeson explains. "They're just not always on Nagafen anymore. They tended to drift to other servers and they play BGs most of the time now when they desire PvP. But more quality PvP improvements are coming in the near future, some as early as next week."

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