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Your child make an in-app purchase by mistake? Apple will refund your money: News from Jan. 15, 2014


The biggest news of the day was Apple's agreement with the FTC regarding the in-app purchases that children made without their parents' permission.

Apple will return at least $32.5 million to those who had their children rack up huge iTunes bills inadvertently. This includes full restitution for those purchases, whether it's as little as a dollar or as much as several thousand dollars. If the total bill comes in less than $32.5 million, the rest will be paid to the FTC.

Apple has until March 31 to institute changes to clarify when an in-app purchase is being made to prevent this from happening any longer.

Will you be getting money back out of this settlement?

Other news from this afternoon included:

  • Which app sold more than 4 billion pages worth of comics in 2013? None other than industry leader Comixology, which was deemed the most-profitable non-game iPad app once again.
  • Are you having issues with your Fitbit Force? The company is offering full refunds to those suffering from skin irritation from the wrist unit, or you can choose another item from the Fitbit line to use.
  • Spotify makes another step forward in making its process more accessible to everyone. On top of enabling free listening on its iOS apps, it has dropped the time limit it had imposed on listening on the computer for those using the free version. This is an international move, so if you're using the ad-supported version of Spotify, you can listen for as long as you want.
  • The Google Play Movies & TV app is now available in the App Store. It'll enable iOS users to watch movies and TV shows they've gotten through Google Play. The TV shows are restricted to the United States, United Kingdom and Japan at this time.
  • Starbucks has admitted that its iOS app stores its mobile app store passwords without any sort of encryption.

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