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Chrome for iOS to get improved security, data compression and Google Translate in its next update


Google has announced the latest update of Chrome for iOS, and users are getting a veritable Christmas morning's worth of security and data features. On the security front, the company is bringing mobile users the Safe Browsing malware protection they've come to expect from the browser's desktop application.

Now Chrome can give you warnings when you're about to visit a potentially dangerous site, which is good news considering a fun fact about adult internet browsing habits that influenced the other major addition to the Chrome app.

According to a Pew Research poll cited in Google's press release, 21 percent of adult smartphone users now do a majority of their web surfing on their mobile device. The trend is increasing every year, so Chrome has added a data-compression option to help reduce your data usage while you browse. Using Chrome's data-compression tool can reduce your browsers data usage by up to 50 percent.

To use the service, go to your Settings, click on Bandwidth Management and then Reduce Data Usage. The menu includes the ability to track exactly how much bandwidth you're saving by using the service each month.

Finally, Chrome is introducing its famous Google Translate service to the iOS app. The update allows you to translate a page written in another language into your native tongue with the press of a button. The Chrome update will be available sometime this week.

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