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I Am Street Fighter filmmakers creating documentary series Outerlands


Area 5's newest project is a documentary-style series called Outerlands. The group of filmmakers are taking to Kickstarter to fund the first six-episode season of the show, requesting $210,000 by February 15 to produce it. The team has already raised over $25,000 towards its goal.

While Outerlands is vaguely about the "people and culture of videogames," the project's Kickstarter pitch video hints at the numerous topics Area 5 plans to cover, such as game preservation and e-sports. The team has stretch goals that start at $300,000 and reach $1 million, some of which will provide funding for additional freelance artists and musicians like Fez creators and composers Phil Fish and Disasterpeace as well as Sound Shapes composer Jim Guthrie.

Formed in 2009, Area 5 comprises five former 1Up Show staffers, who created the I Am Street Fighter and Grounded: Making The Last of Us documentaries.

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