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Joystiq Streams: Don't taze me, Broken Age [Update: It's over!]

The time is upon us. The golden moment when we stare backward across the years and wonder if it has really been so long since we last pointed, clicked, and frolicked in the comedic fields of a Tim Schafer adventure game. Were we ever so young? So foolish? So accustomed to looking through our inventory and wondering just what the heck we're supposed to do with a "cold wet hamster"?

No more looking back, though! Today, Joystiq Streams is captained by Ludwig Kietzmann as he dives into Broken Age, the brand new Tim Schafer-directed Double Fine adventure game. For those who may not have backed the game on Kickstarter and want a taste, join us at 4p.m. EST on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Anthony John Agnello will be hanging in the chat, relaying your questions to Ludwig as we go.

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