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LG G Flex coming to Sprint January 31st for $300, preorders begin today

Brad Molen

The LG G Flex was finally announced for three carriers in the US at CES, but we didn't know any pricing or availability. It looks like Sprint is the first to strike with the news: the G Flex will be coming to the Now Network on its online store January 31st (with it hitting retail stores on February 7th), and unsurprisingly at $300 it's going to cost you a bit more than most standard flagship devices on a two-year contract. You can use the Easy Pay program, however, which will get you the G Flex for a down payment of $150 and 24 monthly payments of roughly $20 and some change. You'll be able to preorder the G Flex today. Alright T-Mobile and AT&T, your turn.

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