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Massive mounted combat update rides into Dragon's Prophet EU

MJ Guthrie

European players not only fight along side their dragons in Dragon's Prophet, they can now battle atop them as well! Thanks to the massive mounted combat update, dragons now have a trio of healing, tanking, and damage skills available that can aid their riders in PvE. But that's not all that Infernum Productions has rolled out with this update: Players can dive (literally) into a new high-level, completely submerged dungeon called Shrine of Handras and fight five new bosses along with a host of other water monsters and dangerous whirlpools. Additionally, players can participate in random mini events throughout Auratia as well as earn XP while resting in their personal houses (how much depends on amount and type of Marketplace furniture in the dwelling).

Get a taste of the mounted combat skills and tour through Shrine of Handras in the two trailers below. And for more details about the update, check out the official patch notes.

[Source: Infernum Productions press release]

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