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Valve wants SteamOS to feature music and video services


Valve wants to offer digital music, video, and television episodes via SteamOS prior to the launch of its Steam Machines hardware, general business developer Anna Sweet revealed during the company's Steam Dev Days event in Seattle this week.

Steam Dev Days attendees Becky Taylor and Jose Ilitzky relayed SteamOS's upcoming expansion via Twitter, though Valve has yet to issue an official statement. Developers continue to weigh in on the announcement via the #steamdevdays hashtag.

Valve's proposed digital entertainment expansion would put SteamOS in direct competition with Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, which currently offer music, movies, and TV episodes on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PS4 platforms. Valve previously announced plans to tackle the console gaming market with Steam Machines, a lineup of SteamOS-powered computers specifically suited for living room gameplay.

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