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WoW Moviewatch: How To Be Annoying in World of Warcraft


Work Warning: There's some mild cursing in here, but nothing terribly crazy.

I don't know that we needed a guide on How To Be Annoying in World of Warcraft, but Kakio apparently thought we did. This video really boils down to about 5 minutes of various pet peeves throughout the game. The video had a viable premise and the technical skills were fine, but I'm not sure it ever really hit its pace. The sound quality kept most of the jokes from shining, even if the punchline would have been otherwise funny.

In terms of stepping up the game, I think Kakio would need to focus on that sound quality issue and maybe tightening up the plot. Satirical videos like this one do best with short, to-the-point punchlines. The longer the video drags on, the more burden is placed on each joke. Like I said, it's a decent video, but it doesn't quite knock it out the park.
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