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Romance your anime boss in Our Two Bedroom Story for iOS and Android


It's a fantasy come true: After admiring him from afar for so long, you're now moving in with your dreamy boss from work. Will this be the beginning of a budding romance, or is it the start of a workplace disaster? It's up to you to keep your professional life on track while spending quality time with your pretty anime boyfriend in Our Two Bedroom Story, a rare English-localized entry in the otome (female audience-targeted) romance simulation genre released today for iOS and Android devices.

"As the player is thrown into her secret, new life with her boss," the game's description reads, "she can experience the excitement of seeing a side of her guy that she never sees at work." Our prediction: He refuses to do the dishes and his room smells like a fart circus. It's up to you, then, to shape him into the boyfriend you want him to be while not getting fired from your day job. That would be awkward.

Our Two Bedroom Story's prologue chapter is free to download, but to continue your romantic conquest, you'll need to purchase one of two story paths, priced at $3.99 each. The game's epilogues cost an extra $1.99.

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