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Sony launches Sly Cooper puzzler Bentley's Hackpack for iOS


Furthering its efforts to embrace the ubiquity of iOS devices, Sony has ported a handful of minigames found in Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time from their original home on the PlayStation 3 and Vita handheld to iOS.

Dubbed "Bentley's Hackpack," the free mobile release features three minigames. "Spark Runner" sees players maneuvering a spark through an electronics-themed course, "Alter Ego" is a side-scrolling shooter set inside increasingly complex mazes and "System Cracker" asks players to blow up virtual enemies from the comfort of a small tank. Those who have played Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time will recall each of these diversions as short minigames, though a later standalone release on both PS3 and Vita offered more fleshed-out versions of the trio.

As Game Informer notes, the debut of Bentley's Hackpack continues a trend of Sony issuing short, tie-in games on iOS. In November, the publisher released a match-three puzzle game linked to PlayStation 4 launch title Knack.

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