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Square Enix concludes Core Online (not an MMO)


Asking the existential question "What is Core Online?" is a good place to start and one wouldn't be alone in asking. Cutting to the chase: Square Enix has "discontinued" Core online... CoreOnline... Core(Registered Trademark)Online? Even we have no clue. Anyway, it was the company's attempt to make HD games playable via browser. It was flawed from the start.

"Due to limited commercial take-up of this initiative it's no longer something we will be supporting and CoreOnline will be closing on Friday 29th November 2013," notes a Square Enix statement in the company's support forums. "Anyone who has bought a game will be fully refunded and anyone who has an unexpired subscription on 29th November 2013 will be refunded for their most recent subscription payment. Users whose subscription periods have expired before 29th November 2013 will not be entitled to a refund."

Square Enix is currently reforming its AAA business, following a major restructuring and executive realignment last year.

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