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Breakfast Topic: Have you played through every last leveling zone?


While I don't believe that any of my characters have actually completed The Explorer or achievement, all of my older girls are intimately familiar with the original zones of Azeroth. I've quested through and explored them for both XP and pleasure, and what I didn't cover with my first round of characters became new ground for subsequent alts.

But when Cataclysm turned so many of leveling zones on their heads, I completely lost track of many of them. Which had I done the new versions of? Which had I begun but moved on from before finishing to keep up with the crazy-fast new XP curve? Which had I given up on after finding the changes not to my taste? Needless to say, I think there are quite a few revamped zones at this point I've never done or finished. One of these days ...

Are you an Insane player or an Explorer? Have you played through every last leveling zone in the game, or is doing so on your bucket list?

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