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Shenmue hero Ryo Hazuki joins PC Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Ryo Hazuki, leather-clad everyman and forklift-racer extraordinaire from the Shenmue series, has come racing onto the PC version of Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. Ryo debuted in the mobile port of Transformed, but his arrival on PC marks his first appearance in the game on a home platform. Whether this means he'll also be making a pit stop on consoles, 3DS and Vita is unknown.

Instead of going for a more realistic approach and placing Ryo atop his signature motorcycle or inside a forklift - as was the case in the original Sonic And Sega All-Stars Racing - Ryo gets to show his '80s heritage by piloting modified arcade cabinets. Ryo rides a Hang-On cabinet on water, an OutRun cabinet on land, and a Space Harrier cabinet in the air. He's available now for $1.59 on Steam.

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