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Ad Council promotes child dental hygiene with Toothsavers app

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Hey kids! Are you brushing your teeth twice a day, for at least two minutes each time? You're not?! Sounds like you need Toothsavers, the first mobile app to be created entirely by the Ad Council! Toothsavers is an iOS and Android-compatible game designed to make brushing your teeth fun!

Okay, enough of the Public Service Announcement voice. Sorry, we just couldn't keep that going - we're not highly-trained military personnel. But Toothsavers is indeed a real app, created by the Ad Council, designed to teach children ages 3-6 healthy brushing habits. The game features 10 cartoon teeth, which are unlocked by brushing two minutes twice per day, as well as a parents' section to help chart their children's progress. You can check out the game for free online, or download it (also free) from the iOS and Android stores.

Ads promoting healthy teeth habits sure have come a long way since the Cavity Creeps.

[Thanks, Sacha!]

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