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Sunday Morning Funnies: Why do we even have this month?

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

In comic news this week, there is still no WoW, eh? to be had! Hopefully your technical issues are resolved soon, Kelly!

Also, last week's comments section was definitely worth a read if you missed out on it. One reader has been inspired to consider starting a comic, which is definitely cool. Not only are we always looking for more comics, but it's exciting to be able to feature someone new, and add to our list, which is full of comics that use various techniques and are created by people with various skills and skill levels. So, doooo it, I say!

Any of our regular readers will remember that Trig deals with daily pain. Last week, Trig left this comment:

"I've finally have a possible diagnosis and am undergoing a treatment plan involving a TENS unit. Who knew that electrical shocks would help so much? Feel lots better."

Congratulations, Trig! It's about time, and we all hope that you continue to feel better and improve!

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