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The Daily Grind: Do you bypass MMOs with learning curves?


I might be getting less patient with new things as I age, because I have found myself becoming frustrated with MMOs and video games that require actual research and learning to play. If I can jump into a game and figure things out, well, great. If I'm going to have to work slowly through a two-hour tutorial while referencing guides on forum posts, I might just shy away.

MMOs that go outside of the norm may have a lot more to offer, but the requirement to learn a new way to play or how all of these confangled systems work can be an obstacle to enthusiasm and engagement. I know it makes me sound a little wussy, but it's the truth. I really had to push myself to get into The Secret World and Fallen Earth before falling in love with both of these games due to the learning curve present.

So am I alone? Do you bypass an MMO if it just takes too long to learn how to play it?

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