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    Daily App: Snapverse allows you to create video Selfiokes you can share


    Tired of sending selfies and want to create something more entertaining? Then you should check out Snapverse, an app that allows you to record 20-second video selfies that are accompanied by music.

    The big draw of Snapverse is its licensed music library. Though small, the app's music library allows you to create a short music video without running afoul of copyright laws. You can use this music and not worry about your video being pulled down by YouTube.

    Snapverse allows you to create snaps, which are 20-second video clips accompanied by music. The video-creation process is easy -- just select your music, add your video from the Photo Library or record your video live and share. When you are recording live, the music plays in the background so you can sync your filming to the beat. A play/pause feature lets you stop and mix things up by changing your scenery or your subject. Because these clips are only 20 seconds long, you don't spend a lot of time creating and editing a snap. It's quick and easy.

    For those who enjoy singing, there's also a karaoke snap that records you as you sing along with song lyrics. This Selfioke feature overlays lyrics on your screen allowing you to read the lyrics and watch yourself as you record. It's a simple process -- press play to start the music and record yourself as you sing. You can trim the final clip to capture your best singing moments as well as adjust the vocals to allow either your voice or the track's vocals to shine through.

    When you are satisfied with your snap, you can upload it to the Snapverse network. You can share any snap, including those from others, via Facebook, Twitter or email. You also can grab a direct link. Snaps can be viewed on the web or in the Snapverse app.

    You do need an account to create and share a snap. You can choose to create one using your email or sign in with your Facebook account. When you create a new account, you join the Snapverse community, where you can view other snaps, favorite snaps and follow other users. You can also respond to snaps with your own snap called a snapback. In a snapback, you can record your own video message or select from a library of pre-recorded clips. It's commenting with a video focus.

    Snapverse is worth checking out if you enjoy expressing yourself using videos instead of text. The app is available from the iOS App Store for free.

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