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Indie space-cave explorer Retrobooster lands on Feb. 21


Retrobooster, a puzzle-platformer where players guide a starship through caverns in space, will launch on February 21. Retrobooster will be available for $18 through Desura, Indie Game Stand and The Humble Store, though you can pre-order Retrobooster right now on its official website for $12.

In Retrobooster, players pilot a space craft through a series of progressively more difficult caverns while battling alien lifeforms and rescuing stranded humans. Split-screen multiplayer will be supported, but networked play will not.

Retrobooster is currently seeking votes on Greenlight for a Steam release. Developer Really Slick tells Joystiq that Retrobooster is "65 perecent of the way to the top 100" on Steam Greenlight.

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