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Mighty Bomb Jack leaps to Wii U Virtual Console this week


An unexpected blast from the past hits the Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday in the form of NES cult classic Mighty Bomb Jack.

Originally based on an arcade game of the same title, Mighty Bomb Jack is a relatively standard NES-era platformer. The game's protagonist uses the titular bombs as his main weapon, but most of the game focuses on precise jumping, seeking hidden treasure and that particular brand of video game weirdness you only see in Japanese games translated to English during the late 1980s.

Nintendo did not announce Mighty Bomb Jack's upcoming re-release, leaving it instead for fans to find on the Virtual Console. As a result, we can't say for certain what price will be attached to the game, though if it falls in line with most other Virtual Console NES releases Mighty Bomb Jack should feature a $5 price tag.

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