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Multiplayer minigame collection Sportsfriends delayed on PS3


Die Gute Fabrik's local-multiplayer PS3 minigame compilation Sportsfriends will sail past its previously announced January release date, as its developers report that the final product is still several weeks away from completion.

A backer-only Kickstarter update explains that the four included games are "basically done" and on-budget, but the team needs "some more weeks" to apply polish and fix lingering bugs. To keep PC backers happy, Die Gute Fabrik will release beta versions of Sportsfriends on Windows, Mac, and Linux immediately after the PlayStation 3 port hits the PlayStation Store. Previously, PC players who backed the campaign were promised a release several weeks after the PS3 version's launch.

Sportsfriends met its crowdfunding goal of $150,000 in December of 2012, offering backers downloadable versions of J.S. Joust, BaraBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra. A PlayStation 4 port is also in the works.

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