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So you want to turn your iPhone into an underwater microscope...


Have you ever wanted to turn your iPhone into an underwater microscope? Of course you have! And starting today, the folks at Bodelin Technologies -- the same folks who brought you the ProScope Micro Mobile that we reviewed last year -- have a way that you can go scuba diving and take an illuminated microscope with you.

Basically, they've married the US$149 ProScope Micro Mobile to the UK-manufactured Aquapac, making it very easy for you to use the powerful iPhone microscope underwater. You don't need to be a scuba diver, though -- the video below shows the microscope being used in a fish tank and also in some shallow water on a beach.

As Bodelin's Peter White points out, allowing microscopy in the field has some great benefits. Says White, "For marine biology, this is even more important as you won't be removing a plant or animal from their natural environment to examine them under magnification. For corrosion testing, an engineer can closely examine a pipeline, bridge structure or vessel without having to remove a sample to send to the surface."

The Aquapac 418 used with the ProScope can be purchased from Bodelin for just $40.

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