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Space-based RTS Rymdkapsel plans PC landing on January 30


Minimalist strategy game Rymdkapsel will launch on January 30, developer Martin Jonasson has announced in an email to Joystiq. Rymdkapsel's Steam page isn't live yet, though that is likely to change soon in the run-up to launch.

Rymdkapsel, which translates to "space capsule" in Swedish, first popped up on radars through PlayStation Mobile and as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle. The mobile version sold over 200,000 copies, which in turn spurred PC development. In Rymdkapsel, players build a space station, grow it and occasionally fend off attackers. To finish the game, players must achieve three goals: survive 28 waves of attackers, research four specific monoliths within the station and do so within 45 minutes.

Rymdkapsel will be available on January 30 for $8, with a 10% discount at launch, on both PC, Mac and Linux. The Steam version supports leaderboards, cloud saving and achievements. An enhanced "Monolith edition," which includes the Android version and soundtrack on top of a PC copy, will also be available through Jonasson's Grapefrukt website.

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