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Starbound: Mass Effect Edition looks well worth Shepard's endorsement


An interesting mod for the Starbound beta incorporating several elements from BioWare's lauded Mass Effect series has been published online by a group known as Team SMEE. It's called Starbound: Mass Effect Edition and we're certain it's Shepard's favorite beta mod on the Citadel.

The most interesting inclusion is Mass Effect's Biotics, the special abilities unlocked in certain lifeforms through the integration of technology. Both Lift and Slow have been added to Starbound, though players need to track down and learn these techniques before they can employ them.

The mod also converts your personal ship into the Normandy – the original SR-1, to be exact, from the first Mass Effect. On top of the AI-controlled ship, the Asari, Turians and Human Alliance races are all represented here, as well as a slew of appropriate armor and weapon sets pulled directly from BioWare's series. Future updates are planned, and will add the Mako (why?) and Element-0 – a rare element that, when electricity is applied to it, allows for the creation of mass effect fields.

In order to install the mod, users must grab Kawa's Xbawks Mode Character Creator and the Simple Extended Character Creation Mod. Then head over to the Starbound forums and follow the installation instructions to get Starbound: Mass Effect Edition up and running. Good hunting, Commander.

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