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Starcraft 2 patch opens up custom maps, dev tools to all


StarCraft 2's "Starter Edition," the limited free-to-play version of Blizzard's popular real-time strategy sequel, receives a substantial today in North America. The update will roll out to other territories as the week progresses.

This update brings StarCraft 2 "Starter Edition" up to version 2.1, unlocking all three races (Terrans, Zerg and Protoss) and providing access to custom maps to the entire internet. These custom maps can be accessed through Blizzard Arcade, the free game-hosting platform and editing suite offered by Blizzard through StarCraft 2. ​So if someone creates the next DOTA, which was created as a custom game type in Warcraft 3 and based on a custom StarCraft map, and publishes it to Blizzard Arcade, then everyone in the world will have access to it – not just those who own StarCraft 2.

Head past the break for another pair of videos, produced by Blizzard, going into more detail about Blizzard Arcade.

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