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Avegant's Glyph headset live on Kickstarter for $500


We've been telling you about the Avegant Glyph for awhile, but now you can finally plunk down some bills to get one yourself. Thanks to Kickstarter, beta-testing the device for its designer isn't without its own set of perks. For instance, 500 of the earliest backers at the $500 tier can snag a unit with their choice of colors for the device's LED ring and HDMI cable. If you miss that limited window, however, you'll still have your choice of three colors for the headset itself at the same price -- just not the accessories. Unlike the versions we've demoed up to this point, Avegant promises that the unit you receive will be lighter and more comfortable overall. Sadly, the battery life is still pegged at around three hours.

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