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Breakfast Topic: Your favorite leveling spot(s)

Chances are, you've spent a lot of time in World of Warcraft leveling, because for most of us having just a single main character isn't enough. Once you've leveled your main, maybe you want to see what it's like to play a different class or race. Maybe you want to see what the horde experience is like after playing alliance, or maybe you want to check out Kalimdor after leveling in the Eastern Kingdoms. Whatever the reason, most of us have alts for a change of pace -- and some die-hard alt-a-holics even aim to hit max level with every class or faction. All this adds up to an awful lot of leveling... and it probably leaves you with a really good grasp of the game's leveling zones.

So today we're asking: what's your favorite leveling spot? Is there a zone or quest hub you just can't miss? A dungeon run you just can't get enough of? Tell us all about it!

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