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Infinite Crisis reveals the Man of Steel as a champion

Eliot Lefebvre

Modeling Superman in any video game is kind of problematic, since his whole schtick is that he's faster than anything, invulnerable, and strong enough to fling the moon into the sun if he really wanted to. This already presents some problems when balancing for a single-player game, but in a game like Infinite Crisis, how can you make sure that the Man of Steel feels like himself without making him massively overpowered?

The video past the cut shows off Turbine's take on the character. In essence, each of Superman's skills gives him a damage shield, with subsequent skills improving the shield, making him much harder to take down. His iconic abilities are all in place -- super-speed, strength, heat vision, and the like -- all adding up to a character that hits hard while being difficult to take down. Take a gander at the video to see just how the Last Son of Krypton will perform in the arena.

[Source: Turbine press release]

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