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WildStar offers straight talk on its guild mechanics

Eliot Lefebvre

So it's come to this. Your adventures in WildStar have left your character backed into a cave with a broken weapon and a desperate urge to escape from the monsters prowling outside but no means to do so. What do you do? Well, hopefully you already made some friends and can put a call in to your guild because the monsters outside probably won't decide to let you go. So it's a good thing that guilds in WildStar offer a variety of benefits, as detailed in the latest development blog.

Aside from a customizable holo-display for guild insignias that can go wherever you'd like and access to guild vaults, guilds also provide a variety of perks and abilities. These perks are purchased with Influence, which is earned just by grouping up with your guildmates and doing pretty much whatever. The idea is that a small guild that plays together will always be more effective than a big guild formed from people shouting in general chat. Take a look at the full article for more details about guilding up in the game, hopefully when you aren't tucked away in Monster Cave.

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