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Aerial shooter Strike Vector targets January 28 launch


French indie studio Ragequit Corporation has revealed an unexpectedly near-term release date for its airborne first-person multiplayer shooter Strike Vector: January 28.

The game, which counts Quake 3 and Crimson Skies among its inspirations, drops players into the cockpit of the titular "Vector," a futuristic VTOL jet that can either fly like a traditional fighter plane or hover like a helicopter. The real draw of the ship though, lies in its customizable armaments. Ragequit Corporation claims that the Vector offers "hundreds of combinations" of available weaponry, which should make it easier to ensure that your flying death machine is a unique snowflake among the hordes of other pilots you'll be battling against.

While no price is listed on the game's Steam page as of yet, Eurogamer claims that once on sale, Strike Vector will bear a $24.90 price tag.

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