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Google offers Fiber to more Provo residents, to expand coverage area throughout 2014 (update)


Provo residents who took advantage of Google Fiber's early registration can no longer claim to be the chosen few. The company has started accepting sign-ups from more folks, so long as they live in select areas along the former iProvo network. Registration is only open in three areas for now, but Google plans to offer the service to a widening pool of eligible residents throughout the year. Not sure if you qualify? Check out Google Fiber's website to see if registration's already open in your area or to submit an application if it is. Unfortunate souls living outside of the planned coverage area, however, will have to settle for a consolation prize: Google is giving away mugs to locals who sign up for the Provo mailing list.

Update (01/24/14): A Google rep reached out and told us that registration's already open in all the areas near the former iProvo line, where Fiber will land throughout the year. Make sure to visit Google Fiber's website to sign up and to see when you'll be able start using the high-speed internet connection.

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