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Steam Daily Deal: Meta RPG Knights of Pen and Paper 75% off


Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition is 75 percent off on Steam until 10AM PT on Friday, pushing it from $10 to $2.50. The Digital Deluxe Edition is also 75 percent off, running $3.75 rather than $15 – it includes a special character with passive MP +20, a new Farm Village map, a sci-fi pack for the player's bedroom and a treasure chest with 800 gold.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition has players embody characters pretending to be other characters in a classic, tabletop RPG. Players also take on the role of the dungeon master, choosing which battles to fight and how many monsters to take on.

The game hit Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on June 18 from developer Behold Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive.

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