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Videos produce EQN Landmark crafting details

MJ Guthrie

SOE has finally dished out more details about EverQuest Next Landmark's crafting system with two new videos. In the first, Lead System Designer Michael Mann spends over four minutes telling (and showing) players where they can craft, what they can craft, and how to craft. The second video gives a quick demo of the saw table crafting station.

While we already knew that crafting would take place at communal crafting stations in hubs throughout the world, Mann revealed a new type that is randomly spawned in the world: altars. Altars, which create better and even unique items, are only found by exploring and will disappear after use.

All players start with a small list of recipes covering beginning tools and decorations, but the bulk of recipes will need to be discovered or crafted. The crafting process has three variations: items that activate and have no variation (like potions), cosmetic items that have different appearances (like props and clothing), and items with stats (tools and such). Items with stats will utilize a relic system to increase the stats. Check out all the juicy details in the clips below.

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