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Apple puts up celebratory posters with names of every Apple employee, past and present


To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mac, Apple this past Friday really went all out, a noteworthy feat for a company that doesn't tend to bask in the glory of their past successes. Apple's website, for instance, has been completely revamped and now features an engaging look back at 30 years of Mac computing. What's more, Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with other Apple executives, made themselves available for rare interviews with Macworld and ABC News. And last but not least, Apple on Friday evening held a good ole' fashioned party on its campus featuring a live performance from the band OneRepublic.

"We don't spend a lot of time looking back," Cook said as he addressed throngs of Apple employees. "We spend all of our time looking forward and working on the next big thing. But we're making an exception for today, because 30 years ago today, the Macintosh was born."

One of the cooler, though perhaps subtle, things Apple did to commemorate the Mac's 30th birthday was to put out commemorative posters that contain the names of every single employee that ever worked at Apple in order of their badge number. There are reportedly 10 giant posters in all.

The text at the bottom of each poster reads:

A promise to everyone, kept by every one of us. On January 24, 1984, we made a promise to take the power of technology from the few and put it in the hands of many. This series of ten poster recognizes all those who have helped turn that promise into reality. In other words, every single person who has ever worked at Apple.

Apple Engineering Project Manager Michael Jurewitz posted a photo of one of them.

It's hard to tell form this distance, but the poster is comprised of the names of past and present Apple employees.

Thankfully, Jurewitz goes in for a closer look. And what prime placement, right on the leaf! You can check out some brief concert footage along with Tim Cook's remarks from the event over here, courtesy of Instagrammer Mindy Hu.

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